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Daily UI Challenges

Daily UI Challenges


I subscribed to an email service called “Daily UI Challenges” that provides tasks for practicing designers to complete to sharpen their skills and keep their creativity rolling. Most of the tasks provided are vague and left up for interpretation by the designer.


FAQ Page

For Desktop

This is just a standard Frequently Asked Questions page. I wanted to organize the content into easy to read categories, while still giving the user the ability to search a specific question in the search bar at the top-center of the page.


Confirmation Page

For Desktop

Here, I created a confirmation page that is for a travel website. I wanted to focus on a model based design on a desktop platform for the final confirmation. upon signing up for this site, the user would be directed to this confirmation page and given the option to further “explore” from there.

Daily UI #1.png

Splash Page/ Sign In

For Iphone

This challenged focused on a splash/loading page that directs the user to the sign in page. I wanted to focus on a clean and minimal design that is easy to read and easy for the user to navigate.